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front Released New Multifunctional Wireless/Wired Charging Power Bank Wallet

front Released New Multifunctional Wireless/Wired Charging Power Bank Wallet

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            Black Technology   It both a wallet and a power Bank ? 

       Once you have this rechargeable wallet, you never want to lose it. front New launched a support wireless charger/wired charger of charge the purse,as well as ordinary purse design and size, but more wireless charger, cable filling, with the function of charging power supply, built-in 5000 ma battery, full of Iphone6S enough.


     Use South Korea first layer of leather, leather manufacturing, to travel or business trip abroad must carry a passport, boarding pass,pen, foreign currency, id card, bank CARDS, such as wireless charging purse arises at the historic moment, it is both light and have various functions, is your travel good companion.


      In addition to being a delicate wallet, this handbag is also a wireless charger for your mobile phone.For formal occasions such as banquets, simply put your mobile phone in your wallet, which is both elegant and practical.



     front's new charging wallet also offers a charging function, with a built-in 5000mAh battery pack and cable that's enough to recharge your smartphone.

Despite all this power, the design isn't bloated. It's just 6.5 x 9.5 x 12 cm and is made of 100% real leather.Meanwhile, the ultra-thin smart wallet comes in five colors: brown, black, pink, red and navy blue.