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front attend 2019 South China Book Festival & Shenzhen Book Fair

front attend 2019 South China Book Festival & Shenzhen Book Fair

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            The 2019 South book festival and  shenzhen book fair opened in hall 1 of shenzhen convention and exhibition center on July 19, 2019.Through the integration of cultural creativity, intelligent technology, life aesthetics, traditional culture resources, show unique life aesthetics space, continue to inject positive energy into urban aesthetics.The scene was crowded with people and the atmosphere was warm.

             Relying on more than 80 Booth 2000 square meters , It has attracted both countries reputation, Pilot, zebra, Qixin, front, and other classic "a great cafe", and gathered the moomin, diffuse consolidation,  3 D printing, UDrone mind drones, known space, and other cutting-edge fashion boutique, all-round display text and stationery, office supplies, art design, creative products, all kinds of products such as digital science and technology, "dedicated to the practitioners of life aesthetics", for the masses in the visual feast of life aesthetics.

          The cultural and creative stationery carnival shows the " cultural confidence" of  shenzhen cultural and creative brand, and strongly promotes the intergrated development of publishing and distribution industry and new creative and cultural industry under the background of the new retail era. In the interactive atmosphere of book fair, let the public experience the aesthetic practice of book and non-book intergration in life. Shenzhen Book Fair 96 hours, accompany you throuth this summer, more book fair highlights still need you to dig.